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To Objectify is to Dehumanize

Last week, Emma Watson gave a speech at the UN where she launched a campaign called #HeforShe and invited men to join women in promoting gender equality.  She made it clear that feminism should not be about man-hating and encouraged men to be advocates for change. The idea that women are somehow inferior often has […]

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28 SEP 2014 Paul Horrocks

White House Launches “It’s On Us” Campaign

Last week, the White House launched a new campaign called “It’s On Us” to address the problem of sexual assault on college campuses.  I don’t know the stats on whether this is a growing problem, but if there is sexual assault at all, men should step up and prevent it.  I applaud the White House […]

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25 SEP 2014 Paul Horrocks

The Justice Side of Porn

It’s easy to believe the lie that our sexual sin is victimless.  One area where that’s true is pornography.  There are lots of pictures of women on the Internet.  They’re already there.  It’s easy to tell ourselves that if we consume them, nobody gets hurt.  If we stop consuming them, nothing will change anyway.  The […]

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19 SEP 2014 Paul Horrocks