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5 Reasons Abortion is a Men’s Issue Too

I often hear men say “abortion is a women’s issue” and use that as an excuse not to speak up for unborn babies or the exploitation of pregnant women.  Here are just 5 reasons why that’s simply not true.   1. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere MLK wrote this in his Letter […]

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14 SEP 2016 Paul Horrocks

Turns out that sex doesn’t sell – it distracts

A new study by Robert Lull and Brad Bushman shows that adding sex and violence to commercials or advertising in shows with that type of content never helps and sometimes actually reduces the effectiveness of the advertising.  Despite decades of conventional wisdom that adding sexual content would help to drive purchase decisions, the report concludes […]

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20 AUG 2015 Paul Horrocks

Russell Brand Gets it Right on Porn

I never thought this would happen, but I actually agree with Russell Brand on something.  In this video, Brand lays out the harm of pornography and explains how it harms relationships between men and women.  It’s a shockingly eloquent explanation.  He quotes a priest, points to statistics, confesses the damage of his own experience with […]

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04 MAR 2015 Paul Horrocks

Sex and the Gospel – Pastor Blake Wilson

Blake Wilson is the Lead Pastor of Crossover Bible Fellowship Church in Houston, TX. He and his wife Ronique run an annual Sex and the Gospel Conference.  The next one will take place on April 17-18 in McAllen, TX.  In this video, he gives an overview of how God engages us on the issue of […]

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04 MAR 2015 Paul Horrocks

Does Marriage Reduce Domestic Violence?

There has been a lot of media coverage recently about domestic violence.  The video of the now former Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice, knocking out his fiance in an elevator in Atlantic City was shocking and has helped to launch a national discussion on the issue.  While initially slow to respond, the NFL has […]

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17 DEC 2014 Paul Horrocks

Taking on Vegas with the Holy Spirit

Back in September, I sent out an e-mail to promote the Justice NYC conference and referenced a sermon from John Piper titled, Battling the Unbelief of Lust in which he asserts that lust is more dangerous the nuclear war.  One of my friends was so encouraged by the sermon that he listened to it every […]

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07 DEC 2014 Paul Horrocks

Sexual Narcissism leads to More Incarceration and Higher Taxes

When men get women pregnant and then abandon them to raise children on their own, it increases the number of people (mostly men) who are incarcerated and there is a significant cost to our entire society.  Even when you compare people of similar incomes, children raised by single mothers are 300% more likely to be […]

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21 OCT 2014 Paul Horrocks

Survey confirms men think sexual exploitation of women is a big problem

To prepare for the upcoming JusticeNYC Conference on November 1st, I worked with Greenwald & Associates to survey 300 men about sexual exploitation and some of their responses are surprising.  Men agree that sexual exploitation of women is a big problem both in the U.S. and worldwide.  It’s interesting that the majority of men believe […]

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17 OCT 2014 Paul Horrocks

Stop using the phrase “you’re acting like a woman”

Stop using the phrase “you’re acting like a woman”   Too often I hear men snap at one another and carelessly use the insult “you’re acting like a woman.” It often comes in response to a man taking too long to make a decision, showing emotion or expressing fear in the face of a threat.  It’s […]

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09 OCT 2014 Paul Horrocks

He said to her, “you mean nothing to me”

I was visiting some friends recently who told me a story of a young single mother in their building.  She had an ongoing relationship with a man and got pregnant.  When she told him of her pregnancy he replied very plainly “You were nothing but a booty call to me.  You mean nothing to me.” […]

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05 OCT 2014 Paul Horrocks